How to use a solar panel without frying a battery when it's done charging?

I am curious to know if i need a component that will stop my homemade solar panel USB charger to stop charging a device when the battery is full. could the solar panels over charge the battery when it's full? Will the unneeded voltage just turn into heat? I also would like to know if I can hook multiple devices that each use 5v and 500MA with a solar panel that puts out 5v and 8 amps without slowing the charging speed. Im sorry if I can't phrase the question right... please try to decipher my description of my problem

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nepheron (author) 8 years ago
I have a very limited knowledge in some areas, and more in others. I don't have access to anything but shop tools, scrap parts, and the internet; and i will have a much better working knowledge buy learning it from experience. If i learn it once by my self even the hard way, I will never forget it. Thank you for your knowledge!
nepheron (author) 8 years ago
So if I had a 5v and 8 amp solar panel, I could have 2 ports that each supply 2.5v and 4amps? Or would they each supply 5v and 4amps? Thanks! I've done days of research on the net and even built a working charger without a regulator or overcharge protector. I'm thinking of making a solar trickle charger, once I figure out more specifics (with the help of these question! :) )
nepheron (author) 8 years ago
How could I make something that could stop the battery from receiving charge? Does such a component already exist...?
Re-design8 years ago
If you've got 8 amps coming out of the solar panel you have to be careful using it to charge any usb type battery. That is over 16 times what usb is rated at.
nepheron (author)  Re-design8 years ago
I would have a voltage regulator of 5v and .5amp. is it possible to fry a battery by over charging it with the solar panels?
nepheron (author) 8 years ago
how do I find the load capability of a solar panel?