How to use this relay shield (arduino)?


How can i use this relay shield, I have put (5v) and (GND) on the relay it turns on an LED that says power there are 4 other pins ( i assumed it just wanted a blink code so i tried that and the on board led of relay 1 turned on.
However i never heard the relay click and i could not work out how to wire it ether as it has 3 pins on the switch side.
Any help appreciated.

This is where i got it:

i want to wire it so i can power a light bulb or something simple.

Thanks again! :)

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It needs 12v not 5 for the supply.
The control inputs can be between 5 and 12.
Daniel Deacon (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
so the Voltage in and ground should be connected to a 12 volt battery? would i need to connect ground (arduino) to the board if so would i need a risistor?

Thank You :)
a2zkits5 years ago
To use this kind of relay boards, what you need is a power source generally DC volts - a ground connection & a positive connection. This will power the circuit.

Next to make relay on or off we will have controlling inputs. Generally we will have positive inputs to make this relays on. That is if you input +5V DC to the pin,the relative relay will be on. When you connect that input to ground , the relay will be off.

To power any relay you have to provide the rated voltage to make it on. In you case the relay power requirement is 12 VDC, so you have to connect it with 12VDC.I hope this will help you .
TIE the grounds, there is no need for a resistor.

Daniel Deacon (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
thanks :)
You're welcome. PM me if you need any more help.