How to water dextrin based printing ink water resistance?

I am trying to formulate water based rotogravure printing ink with dextrin as main binder inside, for printing on paper . Only problem I am facing  is  of water resistance. The dried ink (pigments) smudges when water is put over it. Please suggest the additive to over come this problem. Thanks. - Manish Patel (

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iceng3 years ago

Perhaps the formulation is too thixotropic for your paper application

mtppl (author)  iceng3 years ago
Thanks for reply. Is there any way to make water resistance ?

iceng mtppl3 years ago

Best water proof inking is to

1. use an oil based ink like petroleum or soybean oil.

2. or use a water based ink that dries and then oxidizes to a non-soluble chemistry.

3. blue prints saturated paper with a water based chemical which exposed to UV light turned blue lines that later did not wash out explaining the name.

4. your dextrin binder is also a thickening agent which will prevent oxidizing the ink for a long time and allows the formulation to smear.

5. if you are stuck with dextrin then adding some glue to the formulation can help, but it will still be partially water soluble.

mtppl (author)  iceng3 years ago

Thanks for the information. Addition of glyoxal will help ?

mole13 years ago

If you simply need water soluble inks (soap and water clean up - not soluble when dry) Daniel Smith Inc. makes some. They are oil based - I guess a water soluble oil of some sort... like newer oil paints. Look in Printmaking.

rickharris3 years ago

To resist water the solvent has to be water proof, in general this will mean a chemical solvent. Oil paint or acrylic for example - Acrylic paint is water proof when dry.