How to win a job?

How to win a job?

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rickharris5 years ago
Ill make an answer because it may help others:

1. Make sure you look conventional and are clean and tidy.

2. make sure you have or can give a good impression you have the skills necessary

3. Write a good honest CV stick to a conventional format there are plenty of examples on the web.

4. Go in confidently, maintain eye contact - practice a good firm but not crushing hand shake and try not to have sweaty palms.

It is said that people make their decision in the first few seconds of meeting you so make them count.

Answer questions succinctly but be complete. If you don't know say so don't waffle

If you don't understand the question ask.

At the and thank them for their time and interest - Remember even if your second on the list - If your second on enough lists eventual;ly someone will drop out and make you first..


Plus, do your homework.

Find out about the company's history, financial status, future plans. Check their website, take a good look at mugshots, just in case you run into them during the interview.

...and if it's a 'contract' or other competetion for a 'job' -- same applies - be professional and honest.
lemonie5 years ago
What do you mean, and why do you keep asking these questions without responding to answers?

because it says "don't be shy"
pro2xy frollard5 years ago
Lol.. +1
Without responding to answers? That seems contradictory.

sorry, forgot to use sarcastic font ;)
iceng frollard5 years ago
How long since any of us have gone out jobbing :)
In 42 years of employment I applied for 12 jobs declined 1 and got 9 of the rest. Must be my Natural charm or I was always the cheapest offer. ;-)

Electronics Engineer RAF
USA army support in electronics
Computer systems engineer Mainframe
Computer support engineer CAD CAM
Field service manager
Self employed
A great engineering career for a natural teacher :¬) 
:-) varied for sure.
frollard iceng5 years ago
30 months for me :)

it was a lateral move though, so I think the application was a bit easier for me. (staying within my field)

before that was at least 55 months.
iceng frollard5 years ago
So it is a case of ;
  • an improved title,
  • more responsibility,
  • more work and
  • the same compensation

laterally speaking ? :)
frollard iceng5 years ago
different job, 'different' recompense. ;)
iceng frollard5 years ago
Super :-)
+2 (this is the 10th question, and not once have I seen any response from the OP, or any credit to those who take the time to reply).
Is it some special kind of spam, we aren't aware of ?
so if some of the feature team 'accidentally' marked them all answered...
Might be...
Apply for it and be qualified to get it!