How to wire 2 micro switches to automatically turn off a reversible dc motor that is attached to a DPDT switch?

I have been trying to find a tutorial, but have not been able. Basically the dc motor goes forward, hits the micro switch and turns off.  Flip the DPDT switch, the motor turns on and goes in reverse, hits another micro switch and turns off again.  Where do I attach the micro switches in the circuit? I'm not too gifted in this, if you could be as detailed as possible it would be much appreciated!

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Jayefuu4 years ago
Is this what you're after? The limit switches will stop the motor but still allow it to be reversed.

That's the simple version. I think it should work. If you want the motor to brake upon limit switch presses, then the motor terminals should be shorted together. Like this:

WWC4 years ago
One thing that might help you beings you are new here is to look down and to the right at the related Instructables.
There is many choices for what you are looking for.
Under the heading, Related.

Good luck.
doyle928 (author)  WWC4 years ago
I checked most of them already and didn't get a clear answer. But I did find it in the most useless machine ever, just didn't think I would be in that one.

Thank you for the help!
The useless machine/box is a great example of it, but it only uses ONE endstop because the other endstop is the dpdt switch.
WWC doyle9284 years ago
Don't let the name fool you, that is a great " toy ". That circuit can work for many applications.