How toxic is smoking food with wine barrel wood which are all treated with linseed oil ?

I was told that its toxic to smoke food with wine barrel wood because its treated with linseed oil to make them waterproof and to keep contamination from going thru the wood. Ive searched all over the internet but cant find any info on the health effects of the smoke. I see many people selling this wood and I have tried it for smoking food but don't want to sell something that's harmful to eat. Any for sure info as it could be a legal problem for me. Chow. Lance

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Linseed oil is food safe - aka Flax seed oil. Ask your source why they believe its poisonous, and quote their sources.....

Agreed about flax's very safe; but most things when you burn them become 'not safe' -- I can't say for sure if flax oil is safe once it's burned.
SInce you use it to season pans, amongst other things, I reckon its food safe burned too.

Even the wikipedia article raises no warnings
touche :)
freelancen (author)  frollard4 years ago
From Lance, thank you for your replies. Im still looking for info. As to all your replies I know that they treat the outside of the barrels so it blocks contamination from the exterior. Oak is so dense it doesn't even go half way thru, as seen from a cross section of wood. These barrels come from France so I cant talk with them, they don't respond to English. I would love some hickory and western red alder wood however but I live in Spain and the shipping costs are out the roof. I am an American from Florida, but Im starting a smoking business here as its an open market. Here they just spray liquid smoke on the food and call it smoked. I would like to find a cheaper way to get American woods, most of all western red alder as its really exotic here and hard for rivals to copy. Chow for now,Lance
Don’t smoke food with garbage.

Clean hickory is best wine barrel wood will be funky.
Burf4 years ago
Linseed oil is not safe for consumption. There is a difference between linseed and flaxseed oil. Though both oils come from the same seed, they are treated differently. Flaxseed oil is raw, cold-pressed oil, often sold as a dietary supplement. Linseed oil is heated and chemically treated to improve its wood finishing qualities, such as the addition of drying agents.
With that in mind though, I would be surprised if a wine barrel were treated with linseed oil unless it were applied after it was no longer to be used for wine storage/ageing. I would not not use the wood for any type of consumption unless I were 100% certain of its purity.
Burf Burf4 years ago
I just did a quick search and found a MSD Sheet for a specific manufacturer's (Kleen Strip) boiled linseed oil and made a screen cap of the pertinent info. This may very well be different for other manufacturers of this type product.
linseed msd.png
There are food grade linseeds though, for finishing utensils like bowls.
rickharris4 years ago
I think it unlikely that a used wine barrel as used to make wine is treated with linseed as it flavours things eggs the wine

You will find that barrels that have been retired and used for gardens or furniture may well be treated with linseed oil.