How whould you ask a girl out?

As many teens many are less confindant about asking each other someone should make an instructable on it!

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dab20001008 years ago
be romantic,find quit spot,tell her how beautiful she looks and ask her
 you shouldn't really be asking other people how to ask out your girl, your the one who knows her (i hope) and not us, be yourself and if thats not what she wants then she isn't the one for you. hope that helps, I to am a teenager and know first hand that being yourself is one of the hardest things to do for people of this age.
iPodGuy8 years ago
There's gotta be a dozen "How to meet a girl/guy" or "Go on a date" instructables. Or, you could write one yourself based on your own experiences.
Bartboy iPodGuy8 years ago
Yes, ex: Asker: How do you make fireworks? Awnser: You could write an instructable on how. Very helpful!
THE Hippie8 years ago
Im a girl and i say, make her a nice/funny card and give it to her .... make it dont buy it, what comes from the heart makes a big diff.
Putzer8 years ago
Threateningly OR you could give her father your herd of pigs, goats will do in a pinch. Anyway the female's opinion is of little importance.