How will leaving a pulley off my lathe affect its performance?

 I have a variable speed motor from an old fan and I plan on using it for a small lathe. I will be turning foam and soft wood chess pieces and goblets. Will it be ok to leave a pulley system off? 

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lemonie7 years ago
What motor do you have and what type of control? I.e. wattage, power supply what the variable speed controller looks like.
Pulleys are for fixed-speed motors by way of a "gear-box".

jeff-o7 years ago
That will depend on the torque of the motor, its speed, and the speed at which you need to turn your various objects.  If everything falls into the "safe" column with the pulleys removed, then go for it.  But if leaving the pulley off will result in dangerous speeds, or insufficient torque, then please include the pulley.
caarntedd7 years ago
Why don't you just try it and tell us what happens?
...because if the thing is spinning at 3000 rpm something might get damaged or someone might get hurt.
...but if some anonymous user tells you it's safe, then nothing could possibly go wrong, could it?
acidbass7 years ago
 same questions as steve and L
What speed is it rated for ?