How would I determine the pressure limits of an acrylic tube of arbitrary size and thickness?

I am creating a vacuum chamber with an acrylic tube that is 4 inches in diameter and 1/4 of an inch thick. How would I determine the pressure limits of my pipe? Is there a formula for pipes of arbitrary size and materials? Much thanks.

Toga_Dan9 months ago

if you had 100% vacuum, there would be a max 15psi external P.

My experience suggests you'll be OK, assuming no scratches, etc. Also, if it does fail, it is less likely to be dangerous than if it was a pressure vessel. How you seal the ends is another question. Fittings? Steel plate?

steveastrouk9 months ago

There are formulae. Its critical to them that your tube is perfectly round, and that the ends are held well.

Look for "collapse pressure" From a brief look 4" acrylic, provided its not too long, should hold up, at room temperature

rickharris9 months ago

As alway6s it is complicated and you will need quite a lot of information before you can calculate.

As always you can look at what others have done.