How would I get LEDs to light up one after the other and stay lit?

I wanna get a few LEDs to light one after another and stay lit until the power is switched off....this is for a computer case im building, if anyone can tell me how to do this or something i can get that already has this effect please tell me, thank you :).

iceng4 years ago
The SCR lights turn on on after the other and stay on.
The circuit is set to self reset, but if you remove thee relay it will stay on
as long as there is power to the SCRs
Pinion Props (author) 4 years ago
do you know of any specific arduino file i could download...anyone?
iceng4 years ago
Redrew it just for you...
Many options available from using a micro controller to using 555 timers and transistors.

With the micro controller you can get way more control over what the LEDs can do. If you wanted to change up the sequence all you would need to do is load in a new sketch rather than changing out the electronics.