How would I go about making a hanging light box frame?

I would like to make one from recycled or inexpensive materials.  It will be to frame an x-ray of a *very* broken hand!  I don't live near a big city so I generally find items at my local Salvation Army or Habitat recycle centre.  I'd like to make this a gift for the holidays, any suggestions would be grrrreat!
Thanx ; )

jtp1398 years ago
do you have the xray already? because i have no idea where you'd find something like that. If you already have the xray, do you have access to power tools? If not, I suggest making the frame out of cardboard. There are tons of instructables on working with cardboard.
BlueHazel (author)  jtp1398 years ago
Already have the x-rays and I have power tools....I guess i coulda been more specific about location....I meant that I was not close to a metropolitan area (8 hours to the closest one) but still have access to the fundamentals.
Anywho, I will go look in the cardboard ideas!  I'm a new memeber so I haven't had a chance to look at things in depth yet, thanx for the input!
 There is an Instructable for a wall-mounted light box at  There are more, too. Search Instructables for "light box."
BlueHazel (author)  cyberpageman8 years ago
Yes, I saw that one for $195...thanx though!  Itz a budget x-mas this year so i'm hoping to spend a max of $50.