How would I go about making a head mounted camera?

I want to make some apparatus that will allow me to film first person. I have lots of spare PVC pipe and I have a tiny camera that I will record from.

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It seems like many of the first person shots you see are from a camera mounted on a helmet of some sort. If you have a helmet you intend to use, make a mount out of PVC pipe that holds the camera firmly in place. I assume that your camera has a cylindrical body that easily fits inside a pipe. If it is some other shape, then I don't know if PVC pipe would be the most straightforward way to construct the mounting apparatus.
NatNoBrains (author)  LargeMouthBass6 years ago
Good idea, but I'm looking more for something in between my eyes.
Another idea would be to get a cheap head mounted light and modify it into a camera mount. I'm talking about the kind that have an elastic strap to keep the light firmly on your head so you don't need to hold a flashlight. I got one at harborfreight for only about $5. It isn't quite directly between your eyes, but on your forehead.

I suppose you could also get a cheap pair of safety goggles and mount the camera to than. If the camera is very heavy it may tend to tip the whole thing off your nose, so you may need to get goggles that have a stap to keep them on, kind of like lab safety goggles.
NatNoBrains (author)  LargeMouthBass6 years ago
OK Best Answer. Thanks alot.
gtoal6 years ago
To get the camera between your eyes (or as close as you can get without obscuring your vision) you need one of those MiniDV cameras.

Is this close to what you're looking for?

You should be able to make this for about $20.


Kiteman6 years ago
Duct tape the camera to the side of your head?

(Or you could search the site for "head cam" or "helmet cam"...)
NatNoBrains (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
head cam comes up with helmet cams. I'd rather have it in between my eyes.
In that case, I recommend superglue...
NatNoBrains (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
I'll give you superglue! *shakes fist wildly*
No need, I have my own...
NatNoBrains (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
But are you over 18?
(To buy it)
That was a joke