How would I make LEDs light up based on signal from a guitar pickup so they light up with my strumming?

I ordered some 3mm 5000mcd leds (i hope they are bright enough I have no clue) and have my resistor values/ wiring diagram ready I just am trying to figure out how to make them flash like that. I'd like to have a 3 way toggle so there is

off - sound activated - steady on

this is a video with someone who has something like I'm thinking.

any help?

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hsandford7 years ago
This is easy enough.  I've written up how to flash LEDs in your guitar based on the sound level i.e. based on the strumming.

Any questions, just ask!

p.s yeah, I know I've responded to an old thread!
You mean like a twinkler.
to be honest ive been trying to figure this out as well.
I have instructions on how to install one but there is no instructions on how to build one, As far as I know its due to Jeonjoe ( Trying to get a copyright on the design.

gmxx8 years ago

this circuit will drive the leds so that they will change based n volume of the music.... i have been meaning to build one of these myself.
Patrick_R (author)  DELETED_GuardianFox8 years ago
Based on what I see there he just has color changing Leds. I'm talking about leds that flash when I strum and only when I strum. so they have to get signal from the guitar pickup somehow. Check out the video link I put in there. See how they flash as he plays. in conjunction with what he plays. Thats what I'm talking about.