How would I make a bacteria costume?

 So basically, for school, we are doing a play in science and our group wants to dress up as different types of bacteria. There are three different shapes of bacteria- rod, spiral and spherical. We need a way to make the costumes and also some help as we live in Australia and aren't very good with costumes. If you have any ideas, please respond. Thanks in advance!

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Kiteman7 years ago
Have you thought of masks?
jeff-o7 years ago
Make a frame out of chicken wire, cover it with papier mache and/or spray-on foam, then paint and decorate.
Oh, maybe a better idea.  Mine foam rubber idea might get too hot after a little while.
acidbass7 years ago
 hang out with sick people 
Re-design7 years ago
Lots of foam rubber to shape the bacteria and paint that or cover with colored felt etc.