How would I make a simple Infrared Heater?

I am planning on build ing IR Heater. would a 6 millimeter IR emmiter with 960 millimeter wavelength work to produce heat?

If your not aware with IR heaters then here is a short explanation:

A normal heater such as a gas heater heats up the surrounding air, but a IR heater uses infrared waves to heat up surfaces of objects. So instead of heating surrounding air the IR waves heat up surfaces of objects. Also IR waves penetrate the epidermise (top layer of skin).

Here is a diagram of what the circuit looks like.
The question is would this circuit work?
Also are 6millimeter IR emmiter with 960 millimeter wavelength work?

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farida2622 days ago

Do you have access to 960mm wavelength? Good for you!!

I think you were thinking of 960nm leds.

And also you should consider at least 100*1.1volt power supply because of serie winding.

iceng5 years ago
Aim the slots of your toaster ( I'm not kidding ) at what you want to heat with IR.

102 LEDs cannot do it and would require around 200 VDC the way you have them wired all in series.

Even a CO2 Laser would suck power to heat by IR

The most amazing heater I crossed in my high school vocational program
was a  bread board radar beam that would warm your chest skin but
your shirt stayed cool to the touch.

No ! And not from a 9V battery either.
planetroverrobo (author)  steveastrouk5 years ago
the whole 9 volt thing i just needed a representive power source
Think power consumption. There's nothing "magic" about IR as a heat transmission method, it still takes power - there are much cheaper methods than LEDs.
rickharris5 years ago

Volts x Amps = Watts

Your not going to get a lot of power from standard batteries.