How would I recharge a portable MP3 player's battery if the computer freezes every time I plug it in to the USB port?

A while ago, I found an MP3 player sitting outside on the ground. It was rather wet 'cause it been been sitting in the rain for quite a while. Anyway, the MP3 player I found is a Philips "GoGear" 4 Gig, and it uses the same kind of plug for charging that many cameras use.  Like what the question says, every time I plug it into the USB port to charge it, it freezes the computer and the player's screen says "OK to disconnect" and it shuts off as soon as I unplug it.  On this site I've seen people make comments on how the recharge a battery by connecting wires up to the battery's positive and negative terminals. (Or something like that)  Would this tactic work with the MP3 player's battery?  If not, what else could work?

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ChristyG141 year ago

I bought a Striker MP3 player & try charging it to the wall, But I hear Maybe 3 songs & here comes the red blinking light. I charged it for 2 days before & still the same. What Gives?? It shouldn't take a Rocket Scientist to charge a little item. Anybody out there with advice????

Vyger6 years ago
I know this was a year ago but if you haven't done anything with it since you can get a AC to USB charger that would be safe to use. They only thing it supplies is the power so if it can't charge the battery then probably nothing can.
tyep7 years ago
The motorola dvr that i got from the cable company has a USB port on it that doesn't do anything when I plug in except charge my battery. Try that if you have one, if it fries then the cable guy brings you a new one.
lasersage7 years ago
if it plugs in to usb you could try charging it through a wii or xbox or one of those plug in usb adapters that come with some gadgets.
The fact it crashes the computer does suggest its dead though.

Also next time you find a device with memory that plugs into a computer, think twice before plugging it in. Malicious types sometimes leave these things about with viruses on.
No, don't charge it with anything else!  It is almost certainly dead.  You don't want it to take out other devices, too.
Re-design7 years ago
If is freezes your computer when you plug it in then it's dead.  You might try taking off the cover and letting it dry out really well.  You could wash it out with rubbing alcohol then let that dry.  The alcohol absorbs the water.

Since it crashes your computer every time you plug it in, you don't know if it's damaging your usb port so I wouldn't plug it in anymore until you've dried it out.
XOIIO7 years ago
I think it's fried. Who knows how long it was sitting on the ground for, and it was wet. It most likely shorted out somewhere.

On the bright side, get a baseball bat and have some fun.