How would i clean bearings from roller skates for use in a DIY CNC machine?

What would get off road scum but not the grease inside the bearing

EDIT: HERE IS A PICTURE of a clean one next to a dirty one

Picture of How would i clean bearings from roller skates for use in a DIY CNC machine?
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Clean the whole thing. The shields actually pop off with a pointy knife, and will go back on aftter they are cleaned.

I like to use one of these:

We use Acetone in about 15 min it'll be nice and clean.

+1. We use ultrasonics for bearings too.

Yup...just drop em in and do something else for a while. Then when they are done, just re-oil them....Good as new!
SHIELDED bearings are harder though. Popping off the shields is important.
I'm not sure what kind of bearings roller skates have though, I'm guessing they probably didn't use shielded, but I could be has happened once
Yes, that's very important because the "shield" can trap contaminants inside that even the ultrasonic cleaner can't get out.
use gasoline. i washed a filthy chain saw engine one day in a bath of gasoline, all the grease just fell off as soon as i poured some gasoline over it. i was astounded!
all grease can be removes with gasoline. well almost all.
lemonie6 years ago

Just wipe them with a cloth / old sock.

Old sock soaked in Kerosene! My earlier post didn't apply as I didn't read your question very well.

If you find they feel or sound gritty when turned by hand though you may need to clean the old grease a muck out ad re oil or grease. To do that:

Wash in paraffin (kerosene) - this is slightly greasy and an excellent solvent for grease that wont affect the seals.

IF the bearing is dirt sealed you may need to remove them to let the kerosene do it's stuff although soaking for a day or two works as well.
ICBMer6 years ago
Depending on the grease used with the ball bearing, you could just throw some engine de-greaser (though special acetone is recommended) on it and then reapply the bearing grease.

Met-ol by Oust and Speed Cream by Bones Bearing are meant for roller skate bearings.

I got this info from this site ( )

I don't know however if this lubrication is appropriate for a cnc machine.
Vyger6 years ago
As far as I know you can't. So the best thing to do is completely clean them with something like paint thinner and then repack the bearings with a good grease. That is how its done with car bearings, and they take a lot more stress.