How would one go about designing a dark ride cart and track?

Just curious how would you build your own darkride cart and track? with an emergency stop. maybe arduino?

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orksecurity6 years ago
Uhm... I'm confused. What do you think the arduino would be used for?

Most dark rides are simple mechanisms triggered by microswitches, or even purely mechanically, as the car goes by.
undftdking (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
as some sort of control for the ride to connect with the dispatcher. I'm not quite sure I'm just wondering.
If you don't know what you need it for, you probably don't need it.
undftdking (author)  orksecurity6 years ago
Sorry I like to think out loud.
Nothing wrong with that. Expecting an audience, however...

You've actually given a good illustration of a common problem people have when playing with technology: trying to jump to a solution before the question is well defined. If you're lucky, that just wastes time; if you're unlucky it can waste time _and_ money. (If you're extremely unlucky, the product gets out the door before you realize that you misunderstood the market, and you've wasted a LOT of money and damaged your company's reputation.)

Of course if what you're looking for is an excuse to use a particular technique or item -- such as the arduino -- that's fine too. But then that becomes the basic question ("What could an arduino be used for in a dark ride") and you build outward from that.