How would you make a DIY moose?

I would like to make one, to hang on a frontdoor for a gift. It's a gift for a man. It shouldn't be sappy. Any Ideas to help me? Which materials (low cost or even recycled)? Of course it will be a fake one, but should look good and don't take too much time to make (christmas eve is the deadline, but I like to have it earlier :-)). Thanks for your advices!!!

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If you're skilled at wirework, you could try a scaled-down version of the brilliant barbed wire moose sculpture attached below. Doesn't get much manlier than barbed wire.

Alternately, cut moose head-y shapes out of scrap sheet metal with a cutting torch and tack them together with spot welds. For bonus points, use a different kind of metal for the antlers. One version is pictured below, but you could make a more realistic one if you prefer.
jarneola (author)  RavingMadStudios8 years ago
Wow, this are great ideas!!! And very suitable for a man. Is there any instruction in the web on how to make something like this with wire? I can't find one :-(. Thanks for your answers, they really inspire me!
I don't know of a tutorial online, but I bet if you were to find one of those white frameworky "lighted deer" lawn ornaments to use as a reference, putting the basic frame shape together would be pretty simple to eyeball. After that, it's just weaving the wire, I would think.
I'm not sure I would tackle the barbed wire moose as a first wirework project, but if you feel up to it, I say go for it.
jarneola (author)  RavingMadStudios8 years ago
I think I put the wirework project for another one, but I will keep that idea for sure in my mind. Otherwise the moose is gonna be too heavy to hang up on the door, don't you think so?!
I dunno, if it was mostly hollow it might be light enough to hang on a door. If I didn't have like 5 million projects pending already, I'd mock one up just to see. Gonna have to wait on that one, though.
jarneola (author)  RavingMadStudios8 years ago
5 million projects...better start now with them, I wish you much patience :-). I also have several up for christmas, the moose is just one of them...but it's (mostly) fun, it's getting me back to creativity , which I adore :-). Let me know, when you done with your 5 million I can see the moose you made ;-)...
dcarpenter26 years ago
An idea I thought of was to buy a styrofoam form of a moose head from a taxidermist (there's online sites where you can get them as well) and make the 'fur' out of fake fur. Sew it in the basic shape and stretch it over the form. Attach it to a trophy back and - Ta Da!! Moose! You can also get antlers from taxidermy sites (fake ones as well as real ones), as well as glass eyes. With a little work and time, you could probably turn out one that would almost pass for real at a FRACTION of the cost of a real moose head (we're talking in the $1000 dollar range here,..).
I'd papier mache a head with antlers and mount it on a "trophy" board or do something like this which is actually something I badly want.
jarneola (author)  AngryRedhead8 years ago
Yeah, I thought about papier mache myself, but what would you suggest for the model? Grill wire? Your idea with the trophy board is good. I thought about putting the hole moose on a board with the word "welcome" on it, cause it's the front door. What do you think?

ps: your link is not working :-(
Crumpled up newspaper and masking tape to create the form.  You're basically wanting to make 3 sorta oddly shaped balls for the face, muzzle, and nose.  Then some cardboard for the ears and probably some flattened crumpled up newspaper for the antlers.  Then cover it in strips of papier mache, dry, paint with acrylics, and shellac.  That's basically what I did in 7th grade to make a whale which came out a whole lot better than I thought it would.  The more papier mache you use, the smoother it will look.  It was also supremely light which is a blessing when it comes to wall art.

Hopefully this link will work for an alternative 3D moose head made of cardboard.  If it doesn't, run a Google Shopping search on cardboard deer head.  The deer head is more standard than the moose.  From that you can probably see how you would go about creating a relief construction of a moose head by gluing cut out pieces of cardboard together - it won't come out exactly like in the link but would look hella cool and be a bit more robust.

I think a board with "Welcome" is just fine.  Leaving the word off might give him more options for where to place it, but "Welcome" definitely makes it a door hanging.
jarneola (author)  AngryRedhead8 years ago
Thanks a thousand times, I can see a hole herd of mooses now in front of my inner eye :-). This is going to be exciting, can't wait to begin :-), but first serious planning.

The cardboard deer is stuuning, i like that one as well. Maybe mine is gonna be a mix of all :-).

Yeah, he is wishing for something to hang on his frontdoor, so I came up with that "welcome" moose, but of course, I could write whatever I would like and makes a bit of sense :-) (like: "oh yeah, it's you again :-)")

You are such a big help! Thanks again!!!

ps: yeah, the link worked :-)))))))

Well, if the man asked for a front door piece of art, then give him what he wants.  You could probably fashion an assortment of "greetings" that he can change out as the mood takes him.  It might give it that extra fun touch rather than a static greeting.  Plus it'd take a bit of pressure off you having to come up with the perfect greeting?  Best of luck!  I'd love to see what you end up with!
jarneola (author)  AngryRedhead8 years ago
A changeable greeting, hm...why not :-). Let's see if it ends up that good, to show it of here. We'll see :-).
you could hold a message between his antlers...
jarneola (author)  juicymoose6 years ago
.thx a lot for your replies...I still haven't realized the moose...but this month I was in Norway and Sweden and was looking for one desperatly but couldn't find it is still on due to make one. :)
You could add "humorous" antlers - a pair of wooden coat hangers, or a single stick out each side, with a rubber glove slotted over each.
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image from:
There you go!

Replace the model's head with a football or crumpled newspaper, and you are sorted!
Totally lovin' the cardboard moose. Now just imagine how cool it would be to get one of those and use the pieces as templates to make your own moose out of other materials. I'm thinking plate glass...
jarneola (author)  RavingMadStudios8 years ago
Thank you as well!!!
You are quite welcome. Hope your moose turns out well. Be sure and take pictures.
jarneola (author)  RavingMadStudios8 years ago
Yeah, hope it will turn out good :-).
Or plexiglass for weight, cost, and durability?

I might be interested to keep the outer rim of the templates like fur and then show muscle and bone on the inside of the template like a crazy reconstructed Damien Hirst sculpture without using an actual moose head of course.
That's kind of brilliant.
juicymoose6 years ago
how about a wood frame moose or make the moose waist height an place it outside your door
Draw a design on a piece of wood, and then cut it out with a jigsaw, and then paint it.
jarneola (author)  JaredsProjects8 years ago
Thanks for your answer, but I like to have it more of 3D Style :-)!