Human Anatomy Trouble

Every time I try to draw a person, their arms, legs, and torso look stiff and unreal. Can I get some tips that will help the picture look more loose and natural? 

I don't think I have a problem with the neck and the head.  Just everything below it. x__x

Picture of Human Anatomy Trouble
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yokozuna5 years ago
Try studying pictures of actual people. Also, check out tutorials on body proportions and perspectives, similar to this one. Finally, just practice over and over, you'll get a lot better.
star_above_the_clouds (author)  yokozuna5 years ago
Thank you, I'll give it a go.
rickharris5 years ago

One of the best how to draw sites on the web.
Interesting linkk Rick, Thanks.
Interestingly I can DL the PDf files for each lesson and display on my Kindle - useful for having next to the drawing paper.
Thanks for the link! The website looks interesting.
artworker5 years ago
Try out this video from Marvel and also the suceeding ones. They are awesome. While practicing I watch these videos more often.
Thanks for the link. I'll try that sometime
lemonie5 years ago

You can pick up wooden mannequins pretty cheap, this is exactly what they're for.