Huzzah not in list of Serial ports?

Greetings Becky, I've installed the SiLabs VCP driver on my Mac and all my Arduino software is up to date. Yet the board is still not showing up in the Tools => Port serial list. The board lights up when connected (Blue & Red lights flash once and Yellow is rapid continuous) but that's it. Do I have to run the VCP driver (if so, how? I can only find the .dmg & .zip files).

Thanks, Rupert (aged 52 and a half ;-) )...

bekathwia4 months ago

In addition to the driver, you also must install ESP8266 board support inside your Arduino software, detailed here:

NickS2124 months ago

I had this issue as well, and it was because my cable did not support data. I bought one here for less than $2: After you plug it in, your computer might install additional drivers, and then it should work. Good luck!