Hydroponics pvc pipe roof top garden

The size of this roof top is 8250mm x 6250mm on concrete.
I want to use the PVC pipe system. A vegatable garden.
I want to know the details of how to go about to install this.
If possible can some come up with an Idea.

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Look here on the right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Do a search for hydroponics on here and you'll find several good instructables. If you would have tagged your post with hydroponics and other related tags you would have a good listing of what your looking for along the right hand side of the page here.
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What vegetables ? Tomatoes, chilli, peppers etc do well. Hydroponic potatoes can be done, but its a lot of faffing about.
What a wonderful expression.

I look forward to using it if i am still able to in coming days.

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blueoven (author)  steveastrouk4 years ago
the normal vegatables above ground like tamatoes beans cucumber, pumpkin corn ect
I like NFT pipe systems, the productivity is excellent, you might prefer drip-run to waste. On a roof of unknown structural strength I'd avoid an ebb and flow system.