Please, am so confused right now. I fell inside the water with my phone in my breast pocket and I ignored it since it didn't really touch the phone. When I got home, I found out it was WET and so I removed everything and dried it in the sun for two days, I turned it on and luckily it worked. BUT THE PROBLEM IS-IT IS NOT RESPONDING TO TOUCH!!! PLEASE HELP,AM SO WORRIED

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iceng2 years ago

Remove the batteries and rinse with clean water, then rinse with denatured alcohol and allow the alcohol to evaporate.

Or throw it in a bag of Rice >.>

2 day in the sun == bag of rice.

Could also be, the hot sun damaged the gorilla glass touch sensory screen..

Let's hope not; Least it is Replaceable !

Do the other functions on your phone work, like Volume or the home key?

Can you still Receive a call and answer it?

temiah (author)  Wired_Mist2 years ago

only the power,volume up nd volume down button are working....i cant recieve calls cos i have tu swipe the screen

Yeah try replacing the screen. Check your local mall for a few quotes.

Could also be that there is still water under the screen that is causing the Capacitive Touch Screen to become Basically Grounded.

temiah (author)  Wired_Mist2 years ago

i think so cos the screen is kinda cloudy


There are some great vids on how to take the screen apart.

iceng2 years ago

Some Vids to see