It would be pretty easy to rig up an evaporative cooler to run on solar power, you'd just need a fan and a pump that could run on th epower produced by your cells - Google "swamp cooler" for the prinicples involved.
The same principles can be applied for a refrigerator, as in this article.
The following page gives, not exactly a guide, but a good overview of some of the things that are out there:

Also I was looking everywhere for the old HomePower article on a homemade ISAAC solar icemaker, and I couldn't find it, so I'll just go ahead and attach a pdf for that.

This is a good question. Although it looks like maybe your caps-lock key is stuck.

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framistan7 years ago
It is difficult but not impossible to do it.  I am working on a system also, but am not quite done building my second prototype.  You can read about my FIRST prototype at the website fieldlines.com They are a windmill website mostly...  http://www.fieldlines.com/story/2007/11/1/5276/83571 

There is a man here on INSTRUCTABLES that has built a working system, that is one of the BEST examples of any i have ever seen ... here it is...


I will be posting an instructable within the next month or 2 on this subject when i get my 2nd prototype working.  Here are some of the difficult obstacles you must overcome to build one:

1... how to dig the trenches or 100 ft deep wells without spending thousands of dollars.

2... how to get your house cooled down from ATTIC overheating (FIRST!) 

3.. how to get the amperage/wattage down to a level that SOLAR can power  the system.  I believe the ANSWER you need is to NOT just build a standard airconditioner that uses HUNDREDS of watts of electricity. You would need a GIANT solar array ($$$$) to build it that way.  You need to utilize UNDERGROUND cooling to assist, rather than the standard methods of massive electricity usage.  here is a FIRST step... reduce your ATTIC temperature...  (written by me)...


Those items give you a REAL GOOD preview of my upcoming instructable and other information I have collected over the last 20 years.  Hope that helps.... Framistan

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jeff-o7 years ago
What scale are we talking about here?  Do you want to do a single room or a whole house?  Small or big fridge?

In general, cooling consumes a lot of power; which in turn requires a very large (and expensive) solar array.

You should look into rigging up a ground source heat exchanger for cooling, and maybe use solar power to run the pumps and fans.