I am a moderate guitar player, but i don't know that many good acoustic songs. Any ideas?

onrust5 years ago
Nothing Else Matters .......... and it will really piss Lars off! lol
onrust5 years ago
http://youtu.be/KY9lU8cbH68 DUDE, this is a video of John Butler. He is pretty dang good and if you look at all his videos, he gives tutorials. I don't play a guitar BUT its safe to say this cat smokes up a guitar! good luck
Do a video search for "MTV Unplugged". I think you'll find quite a bit of inspiration there.


**This is one of the few things for which I recommend MTV. Most everything else on there is cr*p. (Yes, I was there for it's launch. Sure has lost it's way.)
rickharris5 years ago
Practically any folk song from the past 30 decades.