I am building a submersible ROV and want to use an old USB webcam for my video.

I would like to know how easy it is to cut off the end of the cable and splice in additional cable between the camera and the connector for the PC.  I also am curious how long I can make the cable without the loss of functionality - I would like 50 feet if I can.



Picture of I am building a submersible ROV and want to use an old USB webcam for my video.
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Just buy a USB-ethernet adapter - one for each end, and you can go >>100 feet if you want


AND you could put a hub in there for controlling an Arduino as well.....

Kiteman6 years ago
Why splice, when you can plug in?

This commercial site claims four of its 5m cables can be connected in line without loss of signal strength.


If their claims are true, you can connect three of their cables, water-proof the connections (tape, hot-glue, epoxy etc), and use your web-cam just as it is.

PaleoDan (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
Awesome - I will check this out - thank you
I can attest that I have run 4x6 foot extensions on the 9 foot cable of my ps3 eye camera. It functions perfectly fine - but 50 feet is pretty much the limit before usb 2.0 starts getting really mad at you.
jensenr306 years ago
this looks sweet
PaleoDan (author)  jensenr306 years ago
Thanks - I have been looking at two on here for a while and decided to make one for the summer...

Here are the two I have been reviewing -



Both are much more advanced than mine.