I am creating a small store and i need like crafts or something home made to sell...

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markhull236 years ago
mudge i know exactly wer ur coming from m8, i'm looking for the same thing, i'm looking for something to create what people will like wich could fetch a decent bit of cash as i need the paper!, got a very creative nature but cant quite put my finger on what would sell
i am peter8 years ago
macramae stuff... thats hemp necklaces and bracelets folks... takes twenty minutes and if you get good at it you can sell each one for ten bucks also a good time waster
lemonie8 years ago
Have you got like business premises or something, or is this like really small? How much stock you can hold / shift matters for answering the question.

mudge31 (author)  lemonie8 years ago
Ok, what i meant was that i am cheap i need about $50 bucks-im only 10-and that i need somthing to sell :|
jeff-o mudge318 years ago
Fresh baked cookies are probably your best bet. Make a few dozen and sell 'em to your neighbours.
lemonie mudge318 years ago
Quick hit: copy all your CDs and sell the originals. Scour you room for stuff you can do without and sell that. What do/will people at school part money for? If you can get an idea of a market, things will fit into place. As this isn't a business, only you know what you can make money on. L
mudge31 (author) 8 years ago
DOOD! Bre Pettis...i used ur trebuchet idea and used it as a science fair project and got first place :P and thank u for the bag idea..
robotguy48 years ago
Do you have a lot of plastic bags, an iron and a sewing machine?

If so, take a gander at this. And the video mentioned in this Instructable (from Make):

Read the Instructable up until step 5. By this point you will have a nice plastic material for different craft projects. Bags, hats, ponchos, gloves (I guess), etc. would all be within your reach! BWAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAA! *cough*
mudge31 (author) 8 years ago
OK that purse was a good idea... keep it coming
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cosgrove8 years ago
Why not get a paper round?
pie popper8 years ago
if you have an old pair of jeans, cut off the pant right next to the butt, and sew up the bottom to make into a purse, use the side seam on the pant leg to make the strap.
mudge31 (author) 8 years ago
...not exactly what i meant...i meant that i want like crafts...something to build :|
jtobako8 years ago
You asking for ideas or product?