I am going to use the hydrochloric acid etchant solution to make some jewelry. What works best as a RESIST?

I would like to be able to draw a picture with something then etch.

Very Keri8 years ago
It seems like you're looking for something you could paint on, of which, I have no recommendation, however, you can use contact paper or vinyl as a stencil. You can cut it with scissors or a craft knife (or a laser cutter if you have one handy, perhaps you have a relative who owns a Cri-Cut) Be sure to practice a few times on some old jelly jars or glass bottles and don't leave the etching cream on too long or it will eat through your stencil.
jtobako8 years ago
For a VERY light etch, sharpie will work. Otherwise any paint that sticks to the metal well will work. Acrylic paint kind of works, but tends to peel off under any mechanical action. Fingernail paint is a little thick, and can fall off if the metal isn't cleaned of oils first. I haven't tried the old classic, asphaltium, so I can't comment on it : )