I am looking at new laptops and was wondering if

it is possibly that with an hdmi connection from laptop to tv can i watch a dvd movie on tv screen and surf net on laptop screen?

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frollard7 years ago
Yes you can - the hdmi connection acts as a second monitor - and your graphics configuration could have it clone your screen to the tv, OR have multiple monitor setup.  Then you just have to fullscreen the movie on one screen, then surf on the laptop screen.  Yes, totally works - I do it.
ziptang7 years ago
VGA is 720p, HDMI is a better match if the video card an support the native tv resolution, My Toshiba Native Res is 1900x720 thus 720p
I recommend a dvi to hdmi converter, or gender bender as called, if your video card such as a laptop, use a VGA to VGA monitor cable, 6' long, male ends, that will give you 720p HD, and most older video cards can support that.
Best results is to use the tv as the primary monitor, only switch back to laptop before you shut down, the split screen will reduce your ability to play back smoothly for video
grb0077 years ago
you can use UltraMoon software
I have a HDMI cable to connect to my tv and it works great. all I had to do is change the colors on my tv a little and it looked like my laptop.
digitrunner7 years ago
Frollard got it right it works perfectly....BoB McMooow's angle isnt as good vga out doesnt support the same resolution as HDMI
an hdmi connection?
it's feasible (i think), but the more common method is to use a standard VGA or DVI connection to an external monitor, and with the power of Extended Desktop, you can do both at the same time on separate screens.
I agree.