I am looking for a 1 ohm resistor but can't seem to find them that low.

Radio Shack does not have them. Typing "1 ohm resistor" in Ebay gives my a ton of what I'm not looking for.  Can anyone tell me how to get a hold of one (or several)? I'm trying to put together the drive circuit test load shown in:


Thanks very much.

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astroboy9075 years ago
Mouser, Digikey, etc all carry them. Taydaelectronics.com is another good place (really cheap, resistors are generally 1c each and shipping is only like 2 bucks. Takes a couple weeks (~10 days) to get into the US though
gmoon5 years ago
One ohm resistors are used as test loads in all types of projects--I commonly see them in tube amplifiers. Online amp supply stores are a good place to find them...

AES is one supplier, as is Weber.
if you already have them. you can always try using resistors in parallel.
For instance, 2x ohm resistors in parallel make 1 ohm, 3x 3ohms 1ohm 4x 4ohm 1 ohm and so on. also incidentally the watt rating on them adds up to the sum total.
bwrussell5 years ago
eBay will almost always come through just use "s to narrow the search.
1 Watt
1/4 Watt
blkhawk5 years ago
At MPJA you can find 5watts and 120 watts, 1 ohm resistors.
Need to go to an actual parts retailer like Mouser. You will find the exact parts you need at a much cheaper price then you can get at Radio Shack.