I am looking for hand tool that will punch a hole in a a variety of coins to use when making a 550 cord bracelet.

I am loking for hand tool that will punch a hole in a a variety of coins to use when making a 550 cord bracelet. So the hole can't be much bigger than the width of the cord..any suggestions? and if so where can i get one...?

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vince 098 years ago
have you tried just putting the coin in a vice and using a drill?
BobB214 vince 0911 months ago

Costly, potentially dangerous, time consuming and actually somewhat expensive. A Whitney Punch is better, all-around.

mikeasaurus8 years ago
not like I'm one to play by the rules, but defacing money is illegal (and fun!)

Putting a hole in a coin (in the USA) isn't illegal if it is done to use the coin as jewelry, or similar use. It is enhancing it ... although Numismatic purists do not often agree, plus the Federal Government only enforces provable damages; even then that's unusual.

breaking stuff is always fun! lol :D
bead bud7 years ago
I am having the same problem. I have broken two hole punches from Fire mountain catalog. Seems like there are alot of variation in the metal types of coins, especially foreign coins. I have tried drilling, but having a problem with the drill or coin sliding. I need to find a punch similar to the one Fire Mountain sells, only more heavy duty, that punch works very well on lighter metal coins for a short time.
biw bead bud7 years ago
use a drill press and a center drill to start the hole in the coin. Then drill it to size with the correct drill. Starting with the center drill will keep the actual drill from wandering. You can also use "jobber" drills, which are much shorter than standard drills, and they will even be less likely to wander too. Check out Enco (www.use-enco.com)
djsc8 years ago
use a drill
jtobako8 years ago
There's a whitney punch disk cutter or screw punch depending on how big the hole needs to be. The Whitney punch has several different dies, the screw punch only has the two, and the disk cutter is limited in where you can position the hole.
You can get a hand metal punch tool on EBAY. Search for the words :Hand metal punch tool.
NachoMahma8 years ago
. Hand tool? Do you mean human-powered or it will fit in your hand? Punching a hole in a coin with a hand-operated press will require quite a bit of leverage. I'd go with a hydraulic press and a set of dies. Vince 09's drilling suggestion is probably the best all-around solution.