I am looking for plans to build a 6' home bar with a back bar. Does anyone have a set of plans? Thank you!

I have some limited wood working skills. Looking for something that looks good but is easy to build.

PIMV3 years ago

Hi I'm new on here so pls don't consider my answer as spam...I'm just trying to help :)

How To Build Your Own Home Bar:




I hope you find what you looking for!

rickharris5 years ago
I don't know what your taste is but there are millions of bar plans out there

Essentially it's a rectangle on its side  about 3' 6" to 4 ' high with a nice wooden top.

The back is a bigger rectangle with shelves in it.

canucksgirl5 years ago
Can you clarify your question?

Not sure what you mean by a 6 Foot home bar with a back bar...