I am looking for some one that is Familiar with Bioreactors and using algae as a fuel/food/textile source In Florida

I am the president of The Progressive Club and i am looking to discus green Technologies for building alternative energies and there uses as well as recycle tech like water bottle hydroponics and plastic bag materials like the currier bag progects

I recently published an instructable for making a simple home CO2 scrubber that is designed to promote awareness and am part of a small group of folks developing a line of algae based bioreactors products for residential and small producers. This is part of a total solution aimed at developing sustainable distributed energy resources for use in third world industrial agricultural development. I'd be very pleased to discuss this with you in more detail.
angelisdarker (author)  egbertfitzwilly8 years ago
yes please do, i plan on buiding a photo bioreactor soon just to demo how easy it is and see about demoing how to turn veggie oil into bio fuel. so id love to discuss this in more detail.
Putzer8 years ago
Where in Florida are you? I can most likely help you out.