I am looking to sell the knit bears in my community. They run about 10" tall. Would a price of $15 be too much to ask?

Yes, the one on the right was entered at the local county fair and won 1st prize for knitted toys.

Picture of I am looking to sell the knit bears in my community. They run about 10" tall. Would a price of $15 be too much to ask?
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frollard8 years ago
That's a reasonable price - you have to factor in your labour time. If it took you 10 hours to make, then 15 is not nearly enough. Consider yourself an artist, near minimum wage (bare minimum)...If your stuff can be created by an average jo at minimum wage...then create a reasonable price in that range. If your artisanry is unique, then its worth more. I think thats a reasonable price 'for a teddy bear' -
crochetkid (author)  frollard8 years ago
It takes about 6-8 hours to make one, depending on the cooperation from the yarn (if it untwists it takes longer). A friend told me that "$15 sounds...reasonable" (she hesitated before "reasonable" so I think she didn't think it was that reasonable). I re-marked them to $12 and I sold one a couple weeks ago. So I think that since my area is fairly small-town, and the yarn shop I have them displayed at is not charging me to have them there, I'll guess I can always increase the price if I sell out (I have 5 there right now). Thanks for your opinion!
Great! --and good luck with the sales!
crochetkid (author) 8 years ago
Thanks for all the comments! I asked around town and anywhere between $10 and $15 seems to be an "ok" price (we don't make a lot of money here since we don't have to spend a lot to live here). I've decided to try $12 per bear. I've made a few more since then (in other colors), and sold one. I'm currently working on 3 more. Thanks again for the comments!
eetzel8 years ago
They are very cute. I would go with $14.95 at a boutique type store. If we were not still in a recession, I would have said $19.95. If they sell well, and you live in a large enough area, up-size. A 10 inch bear is a small teddy bear. A toddler or adolescent needs a larger bear, a least a foot tall and soft stuffed. That is, if you are making them for the children. The collectible bears that are dressed are 12 inches tall and hard stuffed. Larger bears, say in holiday colors, would sell well for anywhere from $19.95 to $29.95 as gifts for grandchildren. Just be careful where you market them. Make them something special. Make tags on your computer. Make each one unique and good luck and God Bless.
Short and sweet answer: yes.
xakep8 years ago
good luck
CrawdadMan8 years ago
OOOOH I LOVE THE MIDDLE ONE! I would definately 15 dollars for that. Think about it they are one of a kind pieces of art. Teddy bears at a store probably cost a fair dollar. So 15 dollars is extremely reasonable.