I am new to paintball and I can rent any paintball gun for free on my birthday. Which one should I get?

 I have never played paintball and I love to snipe in video games :) but IDK if I have good accuracy in real life.  This would conserve bullets.  I also have a choice of a full-auto.  This would waste bullets and I hate "Spraying and Praying", but accuracy wouldn't matter.  I am confused!

caarntedd7 years ago
Just like the guns in video games, each one will have it's own uses and limitations. Regardless of which one you choose, you will still have a great time. Take your pick, adapt your game to suit, and go for it!
Happy Birhtday.
forget my last comment, went "balling" yesterday and I used a Spyder extra, AWESOME (just don't use a viewloader hopper with it, it chops balls like crazy)
stephin997 years ago
i say sompthing like by spyder or tippman
Tgauchsin7 years ago
Tippmann 98 is a great gun. I used it my first time I played.. Just remember to have fun!!!