I am on the fringe area of wi fi in RV park. I have laptop with wi fi card, what can I do to receive a better wi fi??

Will antenna (kind?) help me receive better wi fi signal?

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The metal walls of the RV block the signal. Even fiberglass RV's have mylar lined insulation that cause the same problem. You can try to move the computer to a window that faces the source but improvement will be nominal at best. I would suggest the same solution that I gave someone earlier today. That would be a USB wireless adapter and extension cable. There are instructables for weatherproofing so it could be mounted outside and above the roofline.
You could try a better internet card, but if your not good with computers this can be hard on a laptop.
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You can use a USB Wi Fi booster, LinkSys makes one. Also use a long usb cable and stick the booster to the glass window.

There are many designs of boosters that connect to your USB from one side and to an antenna on the other side. You don't need an antenna connector.



Check the above links
My laptop has a WI-fi card, but no connection for an external antenna. What's yours using that has ? 

Good point Steve

I'm a desktop...I didn't' think of that. My wifi is motherboard based and has an external antenna connection...Erm..external wifi adapter?
Having had, ahem, one of ours in pieces this week, there's room for a hack to add one inside a Thinkpad, but not being an RF expert I don't know how to do it and not screw the SWR of the existing antenna, which is round the monitor I think
Oh...groan..well you could chok it up to practice....whoa!  deja vu

So sorry, can't help you there. no direct experience. I took a look on the net for Lenovo laptop wifi extender prior to that last reply, hoping to find you a good solution, but all the hits on my end just said "well, you could purchase an external..."

I am a bit surprised they don't include a connection that consumers could plug into for improved reception on laptops. it is a perennial problem in alot of areas, else there wouldn't be so many "cantenna" designs out there. I'd thingk latop mfgs would seize the opportunity to market that feature.

Hmm...how about building yourself a repeater? Now there's a project you could have fun with. Cantenna ->wifi amp ->Cantenna #2

Or...you don't happen to have a wireless router about anywhere? "just" plug the beastie into your usb port and attach a reflector to the router's antenna.

note: "just...

I'll look around a bit more and see if I can't find some sort of hack, but I won't be surprised if there's nothing to find that doesn't mean doing some serious mucking.
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Cantenna, or convince the operator of the park and/or one of your friends to install a WiFi repeater somewhere between you and the hub.
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 agreed. Many instructables on the subject...just look to the right sidebar of this topic under "related" and you'll find several potential solutions.