I am only twelve. ?

What do you recommend that I focus on since I do not have the money or equipment.

Paige Russell6 months ago

Hi jseely23,

We can definitely get you on the road to inventing something that doesn't require money or equipment! Much of the process can be done without any investment at all. (Other than your time of course.)

I think the most successful products always relate to an inventor's personal interests and passions. To get you started, tell me about what interests you.

Do you love animals? Nature? Helping others? Cycling? Within any area of interest, there are always problems to solve. I would be happy to help you brainstorm if you would be willing to make a short list of 3-4 areas that interest you the most.

Let's get you on the path to inventing a thing!


CowsRbeefyM6 months ago

As for the equipment I would recommend becoming a member of a local Maker space. You can find one near you by searing "Makerspace" on Google.

CowsRbeefyM6 months ago

I would recommend you tell your ideas to your parents. Some parents would fund you or help you get funded by others.