I am relatively new to electronics and old and slow minded, so can someone tell me just what the ardunio does?

Will it for instance program the NEW CSS555's with the internal cap[acitor?

seandogue7 years ago
It's just a low-performance microcontroller, suitable for amateur projects. Has several flavors which determine computational speed, number of digital I/o pins and  A/D inputs. Programmed using a C/Basic variant.
Re-design7 years ago
Here's the wiki article about it.  It's a good start to learning what you are looking for.

Tnnrguy7 years ago

The ardunio is just a microcontroller it allows you to control a seres of things like led's,step motors, and alot of other things i have use one and just  bought one for myself there realy cool if you like electronics and alot of people can tell you about them look it up on youtube....