I am slightly new to Ubuntu 10.10 .

And I want to install the TORCS racing game and the Rosegarden sound software can anyone give me a step by step way to download and install all of the packages (needless to say I am incapable of doing this because I do not have much computer know how).

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Burf6 years ago
Just open the Synaptic Package Manager, enter your password and then scroll down to Rosegarden and select it. Then scroll to torcs and select it. Click "Apply" and the programs and any necessary dependencies will be downloaded and you can install them directly.
acidbass (author)  Burf6 years ago
whenever I try to open the package manager it says there are no packages I also have tried opening my Ubuntu software center and that will not even open up a window
JavaNut136 years ago
What Burf said should work, but if Synaptic shows no packages you may want to run (In a terminal - Applications>>Accessories>>Terminal) sudo apt-get update

This should update the list of packages Ubuntu detects.

acidbass (author)  JavaNut136 years ago
Sweet! thanks
mwrenfro6 years ago
Here's the Ubuntu documentation on installing applications. TORCS and Rosegarden are both available in the standard Ubuntu repositories for 10.10 (references here and here). Was there more to the question than this?