I am still not up?

OK. I read the questions of other people that got a "No device" error and I downloaded NOOBS to a new 8 GB card. Now, nothing runs, I get no red led. There is something fundamentally incorrect that I'm doing.

bekathwia2 months ago

Can you describe the issue with more detail? What is giving you a "no device" error, and do you still have your original store-bought NOOBS card? In your first question, it sounded like everything but the monitor was working... Please post photos and more info so that I can help get you on track.

pehughes (author)  bekathwia1 month ago

I'm up now. Defective monitor!

Thanks, Peter

pehughes (author)  bekathwia2 months ago

I have ordered a different monitor and another NOOBS disc. I'll write you next week. This little monitor just would not lock onto HDMI.

This project is very important for my research. If I have to, I'll reorder everything.

Thanks, Peter