I am trying to automate a hydroponics system with many sensors and realys. Has any one done this before?

Air Temp
Water Temp
Air Flow
Light Levels
Water Depth
Ph Levels
Co2 Levels in the Air
Co2 Levels in the water
Oxygen Levels Air
Oxygen Levels Water

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aacaball5 years ago
Hi ! yes we are working on a project of this type, very exciting and the wave of the future.. shoot me an email so we can discuss the details and requirements
ckirchner001 (author)  aacaball5 years ago
ckirchner001@yahoo.com is my email
this project is way more complex than most people think. I would be excited to collaborate with other people on this. I am currently working on the outline of the project.
we love complexity, my team is a group of hydroponic experts, programmers (working on a few systems) , sales people , engineers and manufacturer that supplies the equipment you need. I am in Orange County California. And I am going to meet with my partner today about some systems we are implementing in the market. The timing is perfect to collaborate
aacaball5 years ago
ckirchner001 (author) 5 years ago
I was a programmer many years ago but it should not be a problem to write the code. But if it already out there I would rather get a head start
Its not a programming problem, its more of a data aquisition problem: Like what sensors and how do they interface ?
Its pretty standard, you can buy off the shelf kits for all of it.
iceng5 years ago
Can you program ?