I am trying to run a website....Can anyone help me??

I have created a website with some of my friends. Its www.smilyo.com
Now I want some ideas and helpers to turn it into a successful one...
Can anyone please help me by providing ideas or any other kind of help. You can also join us if you so desire.

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thehitechpanky (author) 5 years ago
thnx a lot for all your answers...i tried to apply a few suggestions from here along with some innovations of my own...got a much better response...
are there any suggestions to move even further??
and ya i also need some stuff done on photoshop...is anybody here interested in getting it done for us?
astroboy9075 years ago
Check out sitepoint.com - they have a great resource library and their book are very in depth, and cheap enough. Check out "build a website the right way using html and css". I have it and it is great for a beginner and has everything from layout to forms to adding a social network feed.

Something all web developers can do- check out similar sites to see how they are laid out and designed, and get a few Ideas from them. Just dont outright copy the layout and stuff, just take it into consideration.
Got this emailed to me this morning. It's on sale as an ebook for $14..
frollard5 years ago
1) Advertise the hell out of it.
2) Have viral content (read: good content). Be novel, something you cant get elsewhere.
3) speaks to 1 and 2: know your audience.
and now that I've seen the site....


Get rid of comic sans. period. Get someone to design a proper logo for SmileyO candy. Something that says 'this is candy'.

Get rid of the rainbow. Google already owns that idea ;)

Add content that doesn't involve me reading a paragraph to understand whats happening.

Add the page title tag, so it doesn't show the url at the top of the menu bar.

If you say organic 300 times, it doesn't make it more organic. Consider "Try one of our many all-organic flavours: blablablablalbla"

If you have a menu bar, use it for more than 1 page, otherwise ditch the menu bar until you need it.
Agreed.... never use comic sans unless there is a specific reason to use it. Google for good website fonts (helvetica, etc. I pulled off century gothic on one site I built)

Try to use 1 color of text- the myriad of colors makes it hard to read and NEVER use yellow on white.. same for lime green...

Look up using tables in web design, its not the best practice to do... just fyi.

Add a background color or a header...

Try not to center *everything* on the page- go for left justified unless it looks better centered- its not a slideshow, its a website.
Many web designs put everything in a centered frame of minimum width (ibles, youtube, etc) so everything is left justified to a centered frame...
Oh. :) forgot to mention that
lemonie5 years ago
Why did you start this?
Think about it - I this is probably what you should have done before putting any content out.
What do/did you want to get out of this project?