I ask in kindness of all video game makers,can you make my destined game,"The Heroic Journey"?

Game Designers,Producers,etc.,I can't tell you all how much I love video games,it has been a dream of mine to make my own video game(s).This year in Art Class I learned to draw in extrordinary ways,even before this time in my life,I dreamed of creating a game.My game idea "The Heroic Journey",brings to life what i have in store for the gaming universe! I beg you brilliant people to make my dream a reality.I have seen the amazing games that Sony,Ubisoft,& Microsoft are developing this year and will release in 2012-2013,& I want my game to be apart of that magic.I will get the chance to make a game or more one day when i'm older,but I wish for professionals to create it.I will really appreciate your cooperation.

-Jerry Cunninghamhttp://www.microsoft.com

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canucksgirl5 years ago
I'm recommending that this be moved to the forums.
Geosir4 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
Thank you canucksgirl
Kiteman Geosir45 years ago
(What she means is "you ought to try this in the forums". I think you're onto a loser here, though - anybody reading this capable of realising your dream to the level you desire will already be working for Ubisoft etc.)
Geosir4 (author)  Kiteman5 years ago
Thanks,could you possibly help me with this
If you're unsure on how to get to the forums, use this link. (Also found under the "More" menu choice). Just pick the appropriate category, and then click on "new topic" like Kiteman suggested. Then you could just delete this question. ;-)
Kiteman Geosir45 years ago
Just go to the forums, and click the "New Topic" button.
That too. (I flagged it, with the intention of it getting moved, so we'll see). ;-)
Geosir4 (author)  canucksgirl5 years ago
thank you both.
You're welcome.