I brought home a new puppy Sat and my 2 year old dog is not happy about her.

Hello, I have a wonderful neutered male, 2 year old Cavalier king charles named Bentley. Bentley Loves people, kids, other dogs, cats, everything and every one. Perhapes he has been a bit spoiled. He has been well socialized often taking dog park trips, took a socialization class as a pup.. we work on issues with a trainer as they come up.. he had been humping from time to time at the dog park so we were working through that. I love Bentley so much have wanted to add a second cavalier king charles for some time. We went meeting dogs and Bentley got on fine with them all on their territory and on neutral territory. We finally choose to go with an 8 week old female black and tan cavalier from the same breeder we got Bentley from but different parents (the dogs are actually co owned) They did fine on neutral territory but as soon as we got in the house Bentley was mad.. I have never seen him like that, Barking, snarling, at her. I separated them and have been trying to work things out with them gradually. It has only been a couple of days of course.  He also tries to push her under him and hump her, but she wiggles out as a small 4 lb puppy will, and he gets annoyed about that too. I can tell him "SIT" and it seems to redirect him.

I am so in love with my new girl who I have named Velvet, already, so I need to make things work out. Bentley seems fine with her when they go out and potty, or are just calm together, sometimes something will set him off though, like if she gets too comfy on my lap he will start growl barking at her and acting like he might nip her but doesn't actually do it. though she does have slobber on her after. If she moves to my husbands lap he goes over to him and does the same reaction. then I have to separate them. Toys.. forget it, he will not let her have her toys or his. If they are just walking around together they seem fine.. but he does not like her getting playful or too snuggely with us.. he also gets mad if he notices her mouthing. (teething pups of course require that training) it is hard not to have him notice as we are correcting her.  I am trying to keep things equal, equal attention, when they are together (she is crated  a lot for house training anyways) They potty together and both get a treat, teaching her sit if he is there and sits they both get a treat. Both get petted at the same time together, and when Velvet went to the vet today I took Bentley along. These were all tips from the trainer I go to.

I just have never seen this sweet doggie boy of mine so bent out of shape at another living thing. I just want re assurance that others have been through this, and had it all work out in the end, and give me tips as to what worked for them! I keep reading mixed advice on what to do in this situation so I am not sure what to do. I am leashing them for interactions right now of course for safety reasons and I am of course only allowing closely supervised play. Velvet also has a safe play area that I gated off with an xpen, where her crate is. They are eating in the same room, But Bentley does not care much about food anyways, never had a food aggression problem there.

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You need to turn the tables. Don't look at it like Bentley's territory. You are creating a pack here. You need to establish yourself as Alpha dog and demonstrate that this is your house and they need to follow you. Don't be gentile about it. You need to give commands and not sweet talk either dog. As long as you show strong leadership they will both fall in line. The new dog should catch on quick while the older one may take a bit more work. When you observe behavior you don't like you need to correct it. With quick and stern commands you need to tell him to hush. Making contact with him like firmly grabbing the nape of his neck will help get the point across. Do not pet or praise him till he stops being overly excited and starts doing as you instruct. It will take time but he will come around.

If you have Netflix you might want to pull up the Dog Whisper. several episodes cover your situation and his methods do bring results.

JeneaneP1 year ago

We have a 2 year old shih-tzu/havanese mix who we adopted (rescue) as a puppy and on Saturday we adopted another shih-tzu/poodle mix 9 weeks old. My 2 year old is very attached to me. We introduced them outside and then brought them in. We let him sniff her and she of course being a puppy wanted to play. He was pretty good he did try and engage play. He was fine with her on Sunday as well but was not interested in playing with her. Every time he goes to the water bowl she went over and he stepped aside let her drink then he drank. Well today he snapped at her but he was very hot has he was running around outside and was panting and just wanted to drink some water. All I did was in a strict voice said NO and he stopped. She was wet but he did not hurt her. I put the puppy in her pen and he drank his water in peace. Of course he wanted nothing at all to do with her the rest of today and night. I think eventually they will be friends but it will take time.

time to play it careful

had a black lab for 4 years, best friend and pet ever. big statement when ive had pets since before I could walk. 40+ years.

got 2 golden lab puppys for the kids,

black lab chased every bit of attention he could, eventually he bit a child who walked past him in the street who was mining his own business.

think of dogs like kids, when you have a second the first gets super jealous.

try n make ya first dog feel more important than the new arrivals or risk loosing him

That is not at all what you should do...what you're suggesting would make the situation worse. Trying to give your dog more attention will make him/her to think that they are in charge. This leads to extreme canine behaviors.

I have been training dogs for many years now (two border collies mainly for Search and Rescue). You need to remember that dogs think they are people and they don't know they're something completely different. Let me put this into perspective: you were dating someone and then starting hanging out with a different guy/gal as well. Your boyfriend/girlfriend would be jealous, Right? This is kind of what's going on here. You need to be strict with Bentley and maybe even smack him on his behind sometimes if his behavior is continuing. This is not animal abuse. Get the two dogs to sit next to each other and lie down next to each other. Do not feed either of them treats for good behavior, that makes them think that they're only going to do something (like sitting) that you want them to do for a treat. Both your dogs should behave well out of love and respect. The same training goes for his problem with the humping. I hope you find this helpful as I have throughout the years.

CoweeC1 year ago

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kbrow23 years ago

the dogs might start acting up if one did to another or if it just doesn't want another dog in the house because they might think they are being replaced

meg81 (author) 4 years ago
I wanted to update you all and let you know they are quite enjoying each other now, they love to play rough together, and seem to have gotten quite used to each other now. Seems to be a successful pack blend after all! I am so happy. I video'd them playing rough earlier but I am not sure If I can post it off of my phone, I am still learning how to use it lol
jng24 meg814 years ago
Hi Meg I'm currently experiencing the same problem with my two poodles and i've been getting mixed opinions just like you did. It seems like your way of training worked so I just want to be sure if "pulling them apart and giving an assertive 'no'" was what you did. Our new puppy is only two months old, he's been in our house for less than a week. Right now we're crate training him but would let him out from time to time. Each time he gets out he gets a little too excited and it's almost impossible to make him stay still unless we scoop him up. My older poodle which is almost a year old now would immediately mount him and bite his ears. So far I've been letting them do it their way, in hope that she would stop once she wins the fight. I also thought it would make the younger poodle a better puppy if the older one could lead him. At first i thought they were just play fighting but I'm beginning to doubt it since it seems like the younger puppy was struggling. Also he yelped and air snapped back. I offered them treats to stop the fight since that's the only way to distract her from it, and then I would crate the puppy. I was afraid that if i pulled them apart, my older poodle would be jealous and the younger one would think he dominates and gets naughty as time goes by. Please let me know if i've done it wrong. Thanks!
Mounting is not sex it is about asserting dominance, he is telling the puppy this is my place and I am boss, one way to deal with this is to mount Bentley telling him you are boss not him and this is your place.

Dogs are like chickens they have a pecking order, you need to be the cock of the walk when it comes to your dog.

Do not be afraid to use a muzzle my mother’s German Shepard could be trusted with a baby, the grand children could jump up and down on the dog and it would take it smiling. The dog lived with 5 cats and 4 dogs as well as all the other animals on the farm.

One day my mother got a bob cat kitten, the dog growled at the kitten a couple times but did nothing other than that. She was sitting on the porch with the kitten in her lap petting it when the dog walked by calm as you please snatched the kitten out of her lap and killed it before my mother could blink.

A new animal in the home is always problematic especially when it is a puppy of the opposite sex, you are lucky he is neutered or you could be dealing with him marking his territory all over the house.
meg81 (author) 4 years ago
nape of neck is a no no with my guy Bentley cause he has mild Syringomyelia, but I have given him the side poke from time to time. He has never tried to dominate the humans in the house hold, or the cats, just this new puppy. I keep getting mixed opinions on what to do.. on says "let him hump her, but it is your territory" well if it is my territory and I do not want to allow him to dominate her, then why should I allow it? Then one says "do not allow it, but that is his way of establishing his place in the pack so once he gets his place settled it will stop" so I am confused. I think I am going to keep correcting him, firmly, and not allowing him to hump or get over the top wound up about her. I will do the side poke now too. It is a very new situation, she has only been here for about 48 hours. I have a hard time with stance and sounding sure of myself and that is one of those things that our trainer has gotten after me about.. "CALM AND ASSERTIVE and firm!"
bajablue meg814 years ago
You're right Meg. You need to discourage humping at every opportunity... before it becomes a nervous habit. Sounds like you've gotten the kids on the right track! Good job!
meg81 (author)  bajablue4 years ago
MILES better, they are actually getting along now! I have seen not once ounce of bad or dominant behavior towards her in nearly 24 hours now. I think a mix of me getting very firm with them, and him just getting used to her being here.
:) They are the most awesome dogs, I am so thrilled!
it will work out, but it might take two weeks or so, sounds like you got some good ideas, segregating them with a door and let them smell each other.

For corrective training you should use a rolled up newspaper and quick pop them on the nose.
you dont want to use your hands because then they will associate your hands with discomfort.
meg81 (author)  thematthatter4 years ago
Things have been MUCH better since last night into today, I wouldn't say he LOVES his new doggie sister, but he is much more accepting of her, basically because I made it clear that he had to, I made myself clear, no dominating her, no growling at her, intimidating her by barking in her face ect.. in turn I let him know that I would handle her annoying puppy things she did to him, like when she kept trying to use his tail as a toy at play time, cute as it was I had to correct her and not allow it, and when she didn't stop I decided she needed to go have some crate time and Bentley needed some time to himself ect.. I think showing him that I will not tolerate any naughty dog behavior in my home has really helped him. they even layed next to each other and chewe nylabones for a few minutes today, in the same room (leads on me right there next to them) I keep her in her safe area and she spends lots of time in her crate being a day shy of 9 weeks and all anyways, we have lots of time to get them coexisting and able to live in the same house ect, and we are well on our way) For the record I used the safe area with Bentley until he was 16 months old when I couldnt watch him close, just for his safety. so I am sure I will use it for a good long while with her too. I am not a fan of letting them have run of the house too early.
meg81 (author) 4 years ago
BTW thanks so much for answering :)
frollard meg814 years ago
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meg81 (author) 4 years ago
last time they were out I got VERY assertive with him, it worked really well.. maybe I just felt so bad about his jealousy of her, that I Was being too sweet with him, to accepting of the bad behavior. there were a few side jabs, and I made him sit and even lay down. treats for good behavior, firm "NO" for bad. He did better, then when she started to attack his tail and he growled and swung around I made him sit, and I sent her to her crate, I knew he wanted to nip her, but I just said firmly "I will handle it" and I crate her and let him go play away from her. I think that is the way to go, it seemed very effective.