I came across a bottle of liquid mercury. Can I sell it? If so, how should I go about that?

w8qf1 year ago
I am always looking for Hg Silver Mercury. How much do you have and what price do you have in mind? Remember, shipping on the stuff is expensive so don't beat me up to bad.
cabinnature w8qf11 months ago

we supply virgin silver mercury. if interested, please contact us.

hi i am interesting to buy liquid silver merury how an i get some

How much? contact me on facebook Hekate's Hideaway

michaelm6 w8qf3 months ago

i have just come across a good bit of it>>

Hekate'sH1 month ago

What do you want for it and are you in the US?

michaelm63 months ago

i came across a 40 oz bottle of liquide silver mercury is it worth anything to anybody?

lenal2 michaelm62 months ago

i am interested wiv it can i get contact wiv you?

I came across a bottle of liquid mercury
iceng3 years ago
In 2008 the US  banned the export of Mercury  with a lot of exceptions
by government edict. The price was under $20 per pound.
It is considered a poison and forest fires are a major cause of
redistribution besides spills and its use in gold concentration.
Mercury is also used in dentistry as amalgam.


Also used in CFL lights.
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A bottle of Freddy Mercury could be a collectors item.
I'm a collector :-D
I recently acquired a small vile of liquid mercury. I would like to sale it. If you are interested; please contact me via email ( or cell phone (980-406-6262).


Amber Johnson
Thanks Amber,

I will pass-up this opportunity.


That is the worst attempt at an English accent since Dick Van Dyke
A model of Michelson-Morley interferometer...
Impressive call,  though I think they used a bit more Hg then scout has.
That's why a said a model. Just like little trebuchets people build, only with tiny mirrors and a small bowl of mercury...
I stand corrected, Modeling behavior is reduced size :-)
He he he
Kiteman3 years ago
Try contacting Element Sales for advice.

iceng Kiteman3 years ago
What a cool site !
I've seen it on eBay. Although I'm trying to remember what words I used to find it, because most eBay listings including the word mercury have nothing to do the actual liquid metal element, Hg, mercury.

So I think you could find a buyer there.  More importantly, if you could find it, you could find out what price people are asking/getting for it.   Also there's Craigslist if you'd prefer to find a local buyer. 

If you do end up shipping it to someone, you want to make sure it is very, very, well packed.  I'm not sure if any special labeling is required. But having it leak during shipping would be kinda bad.  Checking here:
reveals that there is no HazMat fee associated with shipping it.  I'm guessing those UNuclear guys are pros, and that they know about stuff like that.  Actually you might email them with this same question, "Where can I sell mercury?"  Who knows? They might want to buy it from you.  They're sold out of it, at the time of this writing.

There are of course professional recyclers.  I'm not talking about those government or non-profit parasites, but rather about places that actually pay you cash for the metal you bring them.    I'm trying to think though: Do you want to go to the place that buys base metals like scrap iron, aluminum, and copper? Or do you want to go to the place that buys precious metals like gold and silver?  I'm not sure which dealer would be more likely to want it.  Ask around I guess. 

Another note on shipping: It is illegal to to transport mercury by air, as even a small spill can cause extensive damage to the aluminium structure.