I can't figure out how to get the drain stopper out of my tub/shower?

...so I can clean out whatever accumulated hair/gunk is making it drain so slow... ? What to do (besides get a plumber)? I've tried yanking it, and unscrewing (Neither direction works)?

BeAnHa8 years ago
My drain stopper had to be unscrewed from the piece (rocker arm?) below. I have an old house and it was really stuck, but using a heavy duty screwdriver to push on it finally loosened it up. I still couldn't remove the rocker arm from the drain, but at least I could reach down into the drain with my hook (made from a coat hanger) and pull out the hair, then clean the pieces and drain.
dcady8 years ago
I had a similar problem with my tub stopper. Mine is the kind you push down to close/open, and I discovered that the rim of the stopper beneath the rubber seal is round except for in one small space. There it's flat and in that flat spot is a tiny screw. I had to use a mirror and flashlight to find it, but once I did, it was fairly simple to loosen the screw and remove the stopper.
rickharris8 years ago
Drop some washing soda and a cup full of boiling water into the drain and leave overnight. Repeat as necessary.

IF no luck the try the people here http://howwhatwhy.com/forum/index.php they will be able to suggest other approaches.
lemonie8 years ago
Go "fishing" with a piece of stiff wire, bent into a hook at the end (then call a plumber if you have to). You should remove the drain fitting from underneath, but I guess you haven't tried because it's hard to reach?