I can't identify this fish. Please Help!

I have a question about fish....I don't know if anyone can answer it though... I found a fish once while fishing in southern Indiana, it looked very similar to a pike, I was fishing with a dry fly on the top of the water, the fish went under it and sucked it in. Does anyone know what kind of fish it was. And I already know it wasn't a catfish.

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rogers2365 years ago
I know you asked this quite a while ago, but this PDF (I'm from Maine) has a good identification chart on page 13 comparing chain pickerel, northern pike, and muskellunge.
jman09987 years ago
jeeze people. from the description it was probably a tiger muskie. they are a hybrid of pike and muskie created by humans but they do sometimes occur in the wild
Re-design7 years ago
Did it look anything like this
Man, that is one ugly lookin' fish! Although, come to think of it, ugliness is likely one of the criteria they look for for featuring a fish on that show.
They get very large in the rivers in Texas. I used to catch them on trot lines strung across the river. I never caught any thing big though. SOME people eat them, not me.
He'd know if it was an alligator gar. Good lord.
A few posts down he says it looked like a gar. If you didn't see it how do you know it wasn't? Good lord.
gmoon7 years ago
Could be a muskie. It's a game fish here in Ohio (and throughout the midwest). They used to be pretty common when I was a kid.

They are sometime called "jack pike," "Ohio River pike," etc.
pagosapig (author)  gmoon7 years ago
you might be right...it looked very similar. I am going back to that fishing spot this weekend and I will try to get a picture of the fish
zascecs7 years ago
Your best description was that it looked similar to a pike? How the hell are you going to get any help with that?

Do you remember what color it was? or how big it was? If you could provide some of that, maybe someone could help...
pagosapig (author)  zascecs7 years ago
The fish was about a foot to a foot and a half, it was a darker shade, more like a dark green or brown. It looked similar to the alligator gar but not an close to that size
pagosapig (author)  pagosapig7 years ago
it looked very similar a Chain Pickerel http://www.dictionaryoffish.com/freshwater_fish_directory.htm