I can't see images on this site?

OK, well, I just got a new computer, and most of the images on this site come up as question marks in a blue box.
Any ideas? I'm running-
Safari 5.0.5
iMac 21.5in 
i5 3.6 GHz
512MB VRAM ATI HD 5670
Also, it works on my other favorite sites(IGN, Armorgames, minecraftforum.net)


2hot2hack6 years ago
i think you need to update your software
Kiteman6 years ago
"Most images"?

Which ones do, which ones don't?

If the images that don't show up are in slideshows, it may be that you need to update your Java software.

yokozuna6 years ago
Have you tried another browser such as firefox to see if that works? It just sounds like a bug, you should fill out a bug report. Be sure to include the same information you have above with the specs, it may prove useful to them.

You may have inadvertently added them to an adblock, or you have a proxy that blocks ibles images.