I cut myself with a rusty nail and the cut has gone green, what should i do???

I was removing a rusty nail from my shed, and the nail flew out and scratched across my neck, the scratch is now green, Help!

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Chirpoff6 years ago
I hope you're alright and went to see a doctor. ? :)
sci4me8 years ago
paganwonder8 years ago
As a Registered Nurse with a scary amount of experience I say- "Get some professional help-Pronto!!!" Try the nearest Urgent Care clinic if you don't have a doctor. We carry a lot of staph around our necks and this infection could get REAL nasty if you don't get it looked after.
junits158 years ago
go to the doctor, if you don't there is a risk of tetanus, which can turn really nasty quick.
TNEN8 years ago
Go to the doctor right away, and also dab some disinfectant to it
See a doctor right away. The cut is infected and requires attention before it makes you very, very sick. Do not stop, do not pass go... just go to the doctor or the hospital right away.
nutty guy8 years ago
go see a doctor!!!!!