I got a TT card and have trans r4 files to the sd card but when I switch on the DS I get a red folder icon sayinMENU?

I created the "games folder and have the _DS_MENU.DAT-- _DS_MSHL.NDS>> _system_>> moonshl all in the root of the SD card and even have my seperate "Games" folder but when I plug it in I just get a red folder saying MENU? Any help greatly appreciated!

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Each version of every flashcart has different firmware. You have to replace the R4 firmware on the microSD card with the firmware from the TopToy site. The URL should be somewhere on the box.
Danields5 years ago
Hi, usually the "Menu" icon problem happens because you used a wrong firmware, please just go to the official site, and download the latest firmware, then put them in the root of your folder. Just try again.
JamesRPatrick...thank u sooooo much.i was havin de same problem and u totally sorted it.thanks a lot
Glad to help. I had a similar problem with my R4. The distributor website was giving a link to the wrong firmware, but it was still an R4 firmware. Just about every flashcart is a Chinese copy of another Chinese design, so any one cartridge could have multiple manufacturers and importers are clueless.
dombeef8 years ago
Sweet!I have the same system,TTDS!